Joe Nicolosi is an American filmmaker and is best known for writing and directing Season 15 and The Shisno Paradox, taking over from Miles Luna, who directed The Chorus Trilogy.[1] He also provides the voice for Jax Jonez. In addition, Nicolosi had also written and directed The Brick Gulch Chronicles and Red vs. Blue 360: Supply Drop as well as co-written Red vs. Blue 360: The Talk.

While Nicolosi went to another project at Rooster Teeth that prevented him from helming Red vs. Blue: Singularity, that finished the arc started by his first two seasons, he still wrote the season's outline alongside Miles Luna and Season 16's co-writer, Jason Weight (who became lead writer).

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  • According to a Reddit AMA , his favorite character is Grif.
  • During the RvB panel at RTX 2017 , Joe revealed Red vs. Blue: Revelation is his favorite season.
  • He is the first writer on the show to start a multi-season arc but not write all seasons within the arc.

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