Cunningham disguisedCunningham disguised as a Fed.
Name: Cunningham
Affiliation(s): New Republic
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Oh Captains, My Captains
Armor Color(s): Tan with Green trim
Occupation(s): New Republic soldier
Weapon(s): DMR, Assault Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Chris Demarais
"What size are you Cunningham? Like a medium?"
"Youth extra-large, sir."
—Cunningham in Hit and Run

Jason Cunningham was a New Republic rebel soldier and a part of Tucker's green team squad. 

Role in PlotEdit

Cunningham was first seen alongside, Tucker, Felix, Palomo, and Rogers spying on a Federal Army of Chorus outpost. When the group decide to blow up the compound, Cunningham and Rogers take two Feds' armor and infiltrate the facility with Tucker, planting several C-4 grenades along the way. Cunningham later finds Tucker downloading data inside the compound's lab and tries to warn him to leave, but unfortunately, Locus finds and kills Cunningham. Tucker, who had witnessed Cunningham's death, reports to Felix after successfully retrieving the data, though blames himself for Cunningham's death.

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