"I need a favor, James. Between us—and no one else can know."
"...That's why you're calling. No, "Hi honey, how are the cats?""
"I'm sorry, it's urgent."
"...Are we still married?"
—James talking to his wife, Dylan, in Chorus Lessons

James Adler is an IDA analyst for Interstellar Daily and the husband of Dylan Andrews. He makes his first appearance in Chorus Lessons.

Role In Plot Edit

Dylan calls James using a sliplink after being unable to find any information on Chorus' UNSC diplomat Alfred Packard. James is initially glad to hear that Dylan is still alive after she went off the radar sometime earlier, but quickly becomes resentful when he learns why she actually called him. Nevertheless, he finds the data, with Dylan promising they will talk about her sudden departure once she finishes her story. James, however, responds half-heartedly.

Fortunately, after Dylan assists the Reds and Blues in stopping Temple, she eagerly hangs up on her employer Carlos to accept a call from James, telling him all about her experiences with the Reds and Blues.

Trivia Edit

  • James is voiced by Michael Jastroch, who previously appeared in Rooster Teeth's comedy Crunch Time.[1]

References Edit

  1. Michael Jastroch's Twitter: "@roosterteeth the people are demanding a Paul from e3 of #crunchtime and James from s15e4 of #redvsblue spin off series."
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