Jackson cropped
Name: Jackson
Affiliation(s): Space Pirates
Status: Unknown
First Appearance: Self Assessment
Armor Color(s): Steel
Occupation(s): Mercenary
Weapon(s): Light Rifle
Armor Enhancement(s): Active Camouflage
Voice Actor(s): Unknown
"You know what they say, "Orders are orders.""
—Jackson in Self Assessment

Jackson is a mercenary, first appearing in Self Assessment talking with his squad.

Role in PlotEdit

During his first appearance, Jackson is seen at the Desert Refueling Station, being spied upon by the Reds and Blues. There he speaks with his fellow mercenaries until he is called up by Locus, who tells him to report back to base and escort the captured Blood Gulch Crew. After receiving this order, Jackson and his team teleport away. Locus and Felix later lie that the Blood Gulch Crew died to push the New Republic and Federal Army into a final confrontation at Armonia, where Jackson and several other mercenaries appear in Multiple Choice.

After spying on Jensen, Bitters, Smith, and Palomo, Jackson orders his team to keep minimal interference during the battle and only kill those who attempt to escape. After the Reds and Blues reveal the mercs' plan, he presumably retreated from Armonia along with the other mercenaries sent to the capital. However, after a majority of the Space Pirates were killed during the events in Season 13, Jackson's fate is currently unknown.


  • Jackson's armor consists of an Enforcer helmet, Prefect shoulders, Stalker torso, Recruit forearms, ODST legs and a Frost visor.
  • Alongside Locus and Sam, Jackson is one of the few named space pirates who are not confirmed to have been killed over the course of the Chorus Trilogy.
  • It appears that Jackson takes command of the Space Pirates on missions Locus and Felix can't participate in, as he's shown leading numerous mercenaries in all of his appearances.

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