"There's an island nearby that I want to visit. Shouldn't take more than a day or so."
—Carolina to Wash in Out of Body

This Island Fortress is an area of Red vs. Blue that served as the location of Omega's hideout, but since the events in Recovery One, it has been left abandoned. It appears in two seasons and two miniseries.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]


The area was only briefly seen when the Blues called Doc/O'Malley in Season 4, which at the time being was being used as their new base. The map was later used in Out of Mind when Tex and York are hunting for O'Malley. As they are examining the structure they are ambushed by Wyoming and a couple of Grunts. All the Grunts were killed during the battle, followed by York, who was shot twice by Wyoming. Tex soon captured Wyoming, who escaped when Gamma teleported him back to Zanzibar before Tex could interrogate him.

In Recovery One, Recovery Agent Washington comes to collect York's A.I. Delta, but soon gets into firefight with Wyoming before escaping the location. During Season 10, Carolina, along with Epsilon, visits the area to reminisce about York. She apologizes to York for not listening to him before Epsilon shows Carolina a holographic memory projection of York. This allows Epsilon to earn Carolina's trust and the two leave the area.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Filming[edit | edit source]

Carolina and Epsilon talk some more.png

While the wide shots of the Pelican that lands in the canyon at the end of Season 4 are separate close-ups of characters standing right in front of the ship made with Poser, future scenes featuring the pelican, including the shot of the rear door opening in the episode Baby Steps, took advantage of the actual crashed Pelican and half-buried Albatross on Relic. Also, due to the fact the map used to represent the fortress was in the Halo 2 engine, the staff had to use "green screening" to edit in the characters and mongoose there in the episode Out of Mind.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Island Fortress is represented by the Halo 2 map "Relic".
  • It seems that Carolina considers the fortress as York's final resting place, as in Season 10, she comes here to give her condolences and apologizes to York.

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