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Name: Iris
First Appearance: Chorus Lessons
Inhabitants: Freckles
Status: Occupied
"Kimball set us up on this isolated moon, and she built us some of the most awesome new bases ever!"
"Everyone adjusted to the peace and quiet different. Some of us were naturals."
"Don't hate the player."
Grif in Previously On

Iris is a moon where the Reds and Blues relocated to for retirement after defeating Charon Industries. As such, it is considered to be the current outpost and home of the Reds and Blues.

Role in Plot[]

After bringing Malcolm Hargrove to justice, the Reds and Blues informed Vanessa Kimball that they were done with adventures and that they just wanted to be left alone. As a token of gratitude for their efforts in saving Chorus, Kimball setup the Reds and Blues on a desolate moon to retire from fighting.

The moon was originally built with two large, luxury bases for the Reds and Blues to use. However, both of these were eventually burnt down by Donut after an accident with some candles. A replacement base was constructed out of the remains of the bases and junk. The Reds and Blues later built a water park, which was also burned down by Donut after an accident with lube.

An indigenous species of dinosaurs also inhabited the planet. They were quickly befriended by Caboose before being attacked by Sarge's robot army.

Ten months into their retirement, Dylan Andrews arrives on the moon after getting its coordinates from Kimball. She immediately finds Caboose on a mountain, meeting up with everyone else shortly after. The Reds and Blues then decide to leave the moon when they're given a message indicating Church is still alive, with the exception of Grif, who willingly chose to stay behind.

During his isolation on Iris, Grif created volleyball versions of everyone else and began to have conversations with himself while impersonating the other Reds and Blues. When he is found by Locus and Lopez, the three leave the moon, leaving Freckles the only inhabitant left on Iris.

Tucker, along with Sister, briefly returned to Iris, looking for the other Reds and Blues after they got split up during their time traveling antics, however they meet Atlus Arcadium Rex and are attacked by Grog. After defeating Grog, they are forced to retreat from Iris when Atlus brings reinforcements in the form of Grog’s wife. Tucker, Sister, and Grif later return to Iris after having a discussion with the gods, where Tucker and Sister have a fight over Tucker’s selfishness.

During the time heist to rescue Wash from getting shot, two Zealots are teleported to current day Iris and are crushed by Grog’s wife.

After the Reds and Blues create a paradox, Washington travels to a past version of Iris to ask Carolina where she went to after Project Freelancer. Later on, after Donut and Washington rescue the Reds and Blues from reliving their past memories, the crew use Iris as a hub area to meet up after repairing paradoxes. Once the Reds and Blues repair time, they go visit Wash in the hospital on Chorus.


  • Iris is named after Lindsay Jones's (Kimball's voice actress) daughter, Iris Elise Jones.

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