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"Get the twins on it."
Epsilon referring to his memories of Iota and Eta in Long Time No See

Artificial Intelligence Program Iota is an artificial construct created for the Special Operations program Freelancer. Iota is a fragment of the Alpha A.I., specifically the Alpha's happiness.[1]

Role in Plot[]

Iota was first mentioned in the episode Greenish-Blue With Envy, where it was originally set to be paired up with either agents Washington or South Dakota; that is until agent Carolina demanded she be paired with it and another A.I. fragment, Eta. Later Iota, along with Eta, was captured by the Meta. Its status is currently unknown, but it's assumed it was destroyed by the EMP in Reconstruction: Chapter 19. Epsilon's memory of Iota appears alongside Eta in Long Time No See.


  • Iota and Eta mimic their host's actions and postures, as shown in Season 10.
  • According to Epsilon in Long Time No See, Eta and Iota are twins.
  • Eta and Iota (as well as Epsilon's memories of them) are often shown to merge their holographic bodies when doing specific tasks.


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