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Insurrection Building
Building collapses.png
Name: Insurrection Building
First Appearance: Planning the Heist
Inhabitants: Insurrection
Status: Destroyed
"It's a hundred and ten-story building in the middle of an urban environment."
"What does security look like?"
"They have enough troops to fill a hundred and ten story building."
"So, that's a lot of security."
—Wyoming in Planning the Heist

This 110-story Insurrection Building held the location of the Sarcophagus, until the Freelancers infiltrated the building and stole it.

Role in Plot[]

In Season 9, Project Freelancer commenced a plan to break-in to this building to steal the Sarcophagus. While the second team attempted to steal a briefcase at the building's ground floor, the first team entered from above into a room filled with alien technology. Inside the building, Maine finds the Brute Shot while Carolina and Washington fight against Sharkface. After knocking him out, they attempted to escape the building with the Sarcophagus, but the Freelancers were caught off guard by a group of Insurrection soldiers. Seeing no other option, the Freelancers proceeded to destroy the building, via MAC blast from the Mother of Invention, to escape with the Sarcophagus and go aid the second team in obtaining the briefcase.


  • Excluding planets, the building is the tallest location in the series, being 110-stories, which is estimated to be around 1980 feet tall.
  • The Insurrection building is one of the few locations in the series that can't be revisited, as it was destroyed by the MAC blast from the Mother of Invention.
  • The exterior aesthetics of the building as well as the Highways outside of the building, is taken from the final campaign level in Halo 3: ODST, Coastal Highway. This is one of the only times a Halo campaign level was used as a setting in Red vs Blue and the only time Halo 3: ODST is used in a canon episode at all.

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