"I'm not going back to jail... I'm gonna kill ya! I'm gonna get my money! Then-"
—Insane Pirate's last words in The End is Near

This Insane Space Pirate was a former prisoner within the UNSC military prison transport ship Tartarus turned space pirate first seen in the beginning of The End is Near trying to kill a Red Fed during the battle at the Communication Temple.

Role in Plot Edit

The pirate was one of the many prisoners on the Tartarus who were hired by Locus and Felix after they took over the ship and freed him and all other prisoners there.

He was later tasked with in defending the Communication Temple from the Reds and Blues, the New Republic and the Federal Army of Chorus, but once he realized that they were losing he made a final effort to try and kill a Heavy Federation Trooper with his shotgun. Unfortunately, he was run over by Matthews who was intending to shoot him with his Ghost.

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