"Wynn, take control of your men. Need I remind you we're locked in here and those doors won't open until we reach an agreement. Or we're all dead."
—Hutch to Wynn in Grey vs. Gray

Hutch was a soldier of a Red Team squadron, first appearing in Grey vs. Gray.

Role in PlotEdit

He, along with 6 other soldiers, was locked in a room with the doors only opening if the seven troopers in the room could reach an agreement. When Hutch blocks Deuce from bashing the door open, the lights go out and he mysteriously dies, leading to a series of accusations ultimately leading to the demises of everyone originally locked in the room with him.

It is then revealed that Hutch died of a heart attack after the lights went out.


  • Hutch was the only soldier amongst those in Grey vs. Gray who was not confirmed to be colorblind, as he died before it could be established or not.

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