"That's right it's broken. We broke it and we need you to fix it, just like you've done before. Here take this. Use this to fix it. Make it better; take away all that is broken, that's right. Put them in here."
—The Director to the Engineer in Happy Birthday

The Huragok, also known as an Engineer, is an alien creature that was contained inside the "Sarcophagus". Despite not being fully seen, the Engineer has a major impact on the series.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Somehow, the Charon Private Security Forces managed to obtain and encase a Huragok inside a container and kept it at one of their facilities. However, Project Freelancer eventually stole the Engineer in Season 9 and the Director soon uses it to help create the fragmented A.I. When the A.I. fragments muttered the word "Allison" in Three's a Crowd, the Engineer begins making growls and snarls from within the Sarcophagus, frightening the soldiers guarding it.

One day, after Alpha's most recent torture, the Engineer "fixes" a memory unit, which ultimately gave birth to Epsilon. However, after the Epsilon incident, the creation of more A.I. fragments ceased. It is unknown what became of the Engineer after Project Freelancer was shut down in Reconstruction.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Engineer is the first of its species to appear in the series.
  • Engineer symbols can be seen displayed on the Sarcophagus, which gives early hints at what was inside it.
  • The process of fragmentation is the torturing of the Alpha to the point of mental instability, in which the Alpha fragments pieces of its mind in order to protect its sanity. Then, the Huragok (Engineer) fixes and segregates the broken pieces and places them into a memory unit. The new whole and fixed, yet segregated, piece of the Alpha becomes one of the A.I. fragments.

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