Carolina wielding a Humbler Stun Device

Carolina wields a Humbler in a fight against Insurrectionists.

"What a pleasure to see you again."
—Carolina to Girlie before using her baton in Fighting Fire

The Humbler Stun Device is a baton type weapon used by Freelancer Agent Carolina during the Battle at the Longshore Shipyards. First appearing in Season 10, this weapon makes use of an electrical charge through the baton that stuns a target upon hitting them.


Carolina has used the humbler stun device in three battles. The first during Fighting Fire, in order to fight the Girlie and briefly the Demo Man upon her Plasma Rifles being rendered useless. The second time during the episode C.T., in order to battle C.T. and the Insurrectionist Leader alongside Tex. In both fights, Carolina wields the baton in her left hand and seems proficient enough with it to be able to defeat Girlie, overwhelm the Insurrectionist Leader, and fight equally with C.T.

During a flashback in Season 15, Carolina uses the device in a fight during a duel with Texas. It is unknown if she still has the stun device in the present.


  • According to the commentary of a Season 9 deleted scene, Carolina was originally written to value life and very reluctant to kill. In the deleted scene, Carolina fights against 'Sleeves' with her baton and is forced to the breaking point of her morals, killing him to save herself. This may be the reason why she was given the humbler stun device, as it's less damaging than a combat knife and can simply incapacitate her enemies with little harm.

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