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"Hey! You can't take that! That... that's UNSC property!"
—A UNSC Police officer in n+1

The Hornet is an assault and reconnaissance aircraft used by the United Nations Space Command and the Insurrection.

Role in the Plot[edit | edit source]

During Reconstruction: Chapter 14, the first hornet came after the Reds destroyed a warthog with enemy soldiers in it. It chased them until Agent Washington shot a fusion coil into a man cannon at Red Base before shooting it again near the hornet, causing it to crash.

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The second hornet is seen in n+1. The Reds were seen getting on it with Grif piloting. Once they got in and started to fly away, a UNSC soldier came chasing after, stating that he may lose his job. In Season 9, Insurrectionists used hornets to attack the Freelancers, during their mission to recover the Sarcophagus and the briefcase, in the episodes The Sarcophagus and Spiral. Three hornets are again seen in Reckless, being piloted by UNSC Police to arrest the Reds and Blues. However, the Blood Gulch Crew were able to incapacitate them when they landed and stole their hornets to go rescue Carolina and Epsilon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Hornet seen in Deja View becomes a Falcon before getting to Blood Gulch. This was done because there are no hornets in Halo: Reach.
  • A deleted scene in Season 10, after the Reds and Blues steal the UNSC Hornets, Doc is seen running out, with a rocket launcher, wondering where everyone went, then one of the members of the UNSC Police to ask if he has any extra Hornets for keeps, only for Doc to curse at the teams.

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