CT Hologram

A holographic projection of C.T.

"Look what I got! It's a hologram. Pretty cool huh?"
—Simmons in Deja View

Holographic Projection is an armor enhancement used by Freelancer Agent Connecticut. This enhancement projects a holographic version of the user to distract the enemy and redirect gunfire to another direction.


  • Delta: Delta is shown to use a hologram using York's failing armor in Out of Mind: Part V to create a holographic Tex in order to distract Wyoming and allow the real Tex to sneak up on him from the side.
Simmons Hologram

A holographic projection of Simmons.

  • Simmons: In Visiting Old Friends, Simmons somehow uses a holographic projection to communicate with Sarge and Caboose at Battle Creek from the Teleporter Nexus. Simmons then uses a variant of this enhancement in the PSA Deja View to divert fire from Church when they moved back to Blood Gulch. The hologram was shot by Church,who was disappointed that it wasn't the real Simmons. Though Simmons told Grif that the holograms become self-aware after a few minutes, his hologram became sentient and lamented that his life, wife, and kids weren't real after only a few seconds.
  • C.T.: In Follow the Leader, C.T. first uses her assigned ability to redirect the gunfire of Insurrectionists away from her. The hologram faded away after it was shot, after which the real C.T. jumped from the ceiling and incapacitated two of the soldiers. C.T. later used it during her fight against Carolina and Tex, during which she was defeated and died from shortly after.


  • Although not an enhancement itself, Sarge's Holo-Grifs can be considered holographic projections as well as most other A.I.
  • It's never explained how Simmons was able to use holographic projection due to the fact he didn't even have the armor enhancement. Although it's mentioned in the Season 3 commentary that it was planned to be explained as having something to do with him being part cyborg.
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