Healing unit revivng Caboose

Caboose's unconscious body being healed by the healing unit.

"If I hadn't had York's healing unit, I'd be dead now."
Washington in Reconstruction: Chapter 1

The Healing Unit is an armor enhancement that is used to heal injuries. Agents Washington and New York have both equipped this enhancement to their armor. It was originally assigned to York by Project Freelancer, but Washington took it when he found York's Recovery Beacon in Recovery One: Part One. After South shoots Wash in the back in Recovery One: Part Four, he uses York's healing unit to survive. In Reconstruction: Chapter 11, Wash uses the healing unit to stabilize an injured Caboose. Later on, in Long Time No See, Carolina manages to recover a Healing Unit on Chorus from the Mercenary Team, along with some other enhancements.


  • The Healing unit is represented by the Halo 3 equipment, the Regenerator.

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