"They’ve been trying for a child, you know. Shall I tell her you destroyed her husband’s only testicle, or would you like to?"
Atlus to Tucker in It Just Winked At Me

Grog's Wife is a cyclops summoned by Atlus Arcadium Rex to kill Tucker and Sister after her Husbands defeat at their hand. She is a minor character in Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox.

Role in PlotEdit

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  • She is technically the third live-action character to appear in a canon episode, although her appearance is identical to Grog's except for a bra and wig.
    • Joe Nicolosi stated he revealed about the character to the art department just one day prior to the shoot, so the wardrobe would be deliberately poor.
  • Portrayer Gus Sorola said on Twitter he spent an hour getting a mold of his head made, then three hours having the makeup applied, and even shaved his chest.
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