"As a cyclops, nothing will please him but ripping you apart and feasting on your entrails!"
Atlus introducing Grog to Tucker and Sister

Grog is a cyclops summoned by Atlus Arcadium Rex to kill Tucker and Sister in Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox. He is a minor antagonist who was defeated by Tucker after getting his (singular) testicle destroyed.

Role in PlotEdit

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  • He is the second live-action character to appear in a canon episode, the first being Allison Church. However, this is the first time the live-action actor interacts with the machinima/animated characters.
  • Portrayer Gus Sorola said on Twitter he spent an hour getting a mold of his head made, then three hours having the makeup applied, and even shaved his chest. At RTX 2018, he added that after 40 minutes through the mold process he was "freaking the hell out" as it is enclosed, isolated and "you realize your head is not making contact with the outside world".
  • Atlus calls him "Grog" after the grunt the cyclops emits after being asked about his name. In the credits themselves, he's only listed as "Cyclops".
  • Joe Nicolosi stated he considering having a penis visible from below the loincloth, but decided against - "there are kids watching this show, a giant three story dick will be traumatizing".
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