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Green Alien S5.png "Great Retriever" is not an official name. It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but without an official basis.

"Hey, what about the other guy dude, does he know about the thing with the thing?"
Vic Jr. about the Great Retriever
"No, that beast does not suspect anything either. Everyone has played right into our hands."
Flowers in Repent, the End Is Near

The Great Retriever (also known as Green Alien) first appeared in Season 5 of Red vs. Blue. According to his hidden character profile on the Season 5 DVD, he studied his entire life in preparation for "The Coming of the Great One". Claimed by Captain Flowers (while possessed by Omega) as "my friend," very little is known about this alien.

Role in Plot[]

The Green Alien with Junior on board the Pelican.

Like his compatriot, he often crouches while walking, and likes to carry Andy around with him. He has only aided Flowers so far, but seemed to want to know where Junior and the sword were as well. It can be speculated that the green alien was sent to replace the Alien because of his death.

He held Doc, Sister, and Junior hostage before taking Junior to the ship. It appears that he died after Andy detonated while on board the ship, but he may have actually survived. In Reconstruction: Chapter 5, during Tex's recording, she is heard saying "Where are they going?", indicating that Junior and the Great Retriever may have abandoned the ship before it crashed. Unlike Junior, his current status is unknown.


  • The Great Retriever is the only antagonist of the Blood Gulch Chronicles who isn't confirmed to be KIA or alive.

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