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"Man did it get a lot colder all of a sudden?"
"Of course it did. They don't call it the Great Freezin' Plains for nothin'."
—Andy in Talk of the Town

The Great Freezing Plains of Blarganthia is an arctic location appearing in Season 4.

Role in Plot[]

It served as the final destination of the Sacred Quest team in episodes 69, 70, and 71. Wyoming has a base of operation seen in Out of Mind: Part I, which is guarded by Grunts that are protecting an alien ship. The Grunts are killed by Tex, while the Alien steals the ship. However, Wyoming shoots down the ship after the alien saves the group, therefore ending the Sacred Quest. Tex follows Wyoming, but the latter escapes while Tucker, Caboose, and Andy return to Blood Gulch.


  • The location is set in the Halo 2 map "Containment".

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