Great Burning Plains
Great Burning Plains
Name: Great Burning Plains
First Appearance: Make Your Time
Inhabitants: Reds and Blues
Status: Abandoned
"Okay. These are the Great Burning Plains we talked about."
"They don't look burning... they look burnt."
Caboose in Setting a High Bar

The Great Burning Plains is a location seen in seasons 3 and 4, where the Reds, Caboose, and Tucker arrive in the "future" in Make Your Time.


Burial Ground

When the Reds and Blues are blasted into the "future", they are sent to this desert. After wandering for a short time, Caboose and Donut find a broken down Warthog, which is fixed and becomes the Reds' second jeep. Afterwards, Tex contacts the Reds through the warthog, and the group leave the desert and go to her location.

In Season 4, the desert's name is revealed by Andy, who calls the area the "Great Burning Plains" in the episode Setting a High Bar. When the quest team begin their journey, they pass through this area before reaching a swamp.

Later in the series, images of this location are seen on the monitor during Donut's debriefing in Catching Up. In the same episode, the Counselor reveals that the Reds and Blues were actually reassigned to this location instead of them “time traveling” like assumed earlier in the series.


  • The Great Burning Plains is represented by the map Burial Mounds in the Halo 2 engine.

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