Trocadero Ghosts that Linger

Ghosts That Linger is an album that contains music used in various Red vs. Blue episodes and PSAs. The music is performed by Trocadero. The album was released on November 21, 2009. It is now available to buy at RT Store,[1] iTunes,[2] and Amazon.[3]

Track listingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Return Trocadero 1:38 n+1
2. Colors Trocadero 3:25 Season 5 credits, Why Were We Here Alternate Ending 2
3. Daydream No.19 Trocadero 2:43 Out of Mind
4. Good Fight Trocadero 5:25 Recovery OneReconstruction: Chapter 4Think You Know Someone
5. Keep Moving Trocadero 2:22 Season 7 Credits, Fighting Fire, Fire
6. Heart With Wings Trocadero 3:30 None
7. Goldmine Blues Trocadero 3:53 None
8. First Wave Trocadero 3:44 Reconstruction: Chapter 19, Don't Say It
9. Saline Trocadero 1:32 Red vs. Blue: Animated credits
10. Alien Champion Trocadero 2:12 Season 3 Credits
11. Shiny Thing Trocadero 1:14 None
12. Champion Trocadero 4:17 None
13. 35mm Man Trocadero 4:13 None
14. Blues for Fairfax Trocadero 1:42 None
15. (When) Your Middle Name is Danger Trocadero 2:04 The Recollection, What's the "I" Stand For?, Reckless, You Know Who We AreAlong Came a Spider, The Thin Fed LineCounselingA Time for Hammers
16. Big Prize Trocadero 0:44 ReconstructionRevenants
17. Another One Down Trocadero 2:17 Well HelloFire
18. Nightmare (Again) Trocadero 0:32 Reconstruction: Chapter 19, Lay of the Land
19. Outpost Sunset Trocadero 2:09 The InstallationRally CapChange of Plans


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