Geoffrey Lazer "Geoff" Ramsey (born Geoffrey Fink) is a co-founder of Rooster Teeth Productions and provides the voice of Grif in Red vs. Blue. Geoff currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Before Rooster Teeth was formed, Geoff worked with Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola, Dan Godwin and Jason Saldaña on Along with voicing Grif in Red vs. Blue, Geoff founded Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth's guide for getting skill-based achievements in video games, along with the help of Jack Pattillo. He starred in the first season of Rooster Teeth's web series, Immersion. Ramsey was also used frequently in Rooster Teeth Comics (generally written by his former wife, Griffon), up until its conclusion. He has also starred in many more things, such as the Rooster Teeth Shorts, Fails of the Weak, and Achievement HUNT.


  • His middle name, Lazer, originated when he applied to change his surname to that of his step-father. Upon application, he learned that it would not cost anything for him to change any of his other names at that time.
  • Geoff's Xbox Live account is DGgeoff .
  • Out of all the cast of Red vs. Blue, Ramsey is the only one to have served in the military. This is very ironic, considering Grif is ill-disciplined and lazy.

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