"You're a soldier! In this war, you are nothing but a suit of armor and a gun! So when I give you an order you damn well follow it! Do I make myself clear?"
—The captain to Locus in Locus of Control

The Gateway UNSC Captain was a UNSC Captain and former commanding officer of Locus and Felix's squad during the Great War. He apparently died at some point prior to the events of The Chorus Trilogy.

Role in PlotEdit

Locus’s VisionEdit

CO gives Felix and Locus orders

Captain giving past Locus and Felix orders

When Locus enters the gateway at the Jungle Temple in the episode Locus of Control, he found himself surrounded by his former UNSC comrades who can’t understand his attempts to communicate and believe him to be a monster. An illusion of Locus's former Captain then appears and attempts to interrogate him. Suddenly a past version of Felix and Locus appear with the leader.

Locus is yelled at by CO

Captain yelling at past Locus

While the past Locus believes the "monster" is scared and could be convinced to surrender, the past Felix states that they are short on time and cannot afford to take prisoners. The leader agrees with Felix and orders the two to kill off the "monster" in a secure location. When the past Locus further protests the leader angrily tells him that on the battlefield, he is nothing more than a suit of armor and a gun. This causes the real Locus to attack the UNSC soldiers, which in turn, causes the troops to shoot him. Locus is then forced out of the illusion, deeply troubled.


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