"Gabriel Lozano. You're wanted for murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, rape, I mean literally the most jailable offenses you could possibly imagine."
—Felix to Gabriel in Club

Gabriel Lozano was the son of the wealthy criminal Ruben Lozano. He was put in charge of his father's nightclub Amnesia, despite being a disgrace to him. He was captured by Felix, Locus, and Siris initially to be turned in to the IPD, but when his records were erased they attempted to ransom Gabriel to his father instead.

Role in PlotEdit

Gabriel Lozano committed numerous crimes, including murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, and rape. As the son of the wealthy criminal Ruben Lozano, he ran one of his nightclubs and spent much of his father's money, causing his father to regard him as "the worst thing he has brought into this world". His father had also planted a chip inside of Gabriel's neck in order to keep track of him at all times.

During one of his trips to Amnesia, he was captured and knocked unconscious by the bounty hunters Locus and Felix inside his office, where he was then put inside of the trunk of a car.

After Gabriel's records were expunged, the three bounty hunters decided to use him as a ransom in order to hurt his father financially. However, Ruben did not care for his son and rejected the offer, prompting Locus to shoot Gabriel in the head. Later on, Gabriel's corpse was used as a means to kill several of Ruben's thugs with a grenade during a battle in the episode Consequences.

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