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"This bunker has been constructed to guarantee the continued operation of our program, in the event of a primary facility loss. This storage area archives all the components of our Freelancer simulation bases."
F.I.L.S.S. in Perusing the Archive

The Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility is a secure bunker designed for the continued use and operation of Project Freelancer, in the event of a primary facility loss. The location appears in Revelation and Season 10.

Role in Plot[]

The facility contains a large room occupied by weapons, armor enhancements, teleporters, equipment, boxes, and crates. It also contains files about the simulation troopers and all Freelancer related information. In another part of the facility is a room dedicated for the Director's use. The room is filled with row after row of robot Church bodies and a container containing a black colored robotic body. The facility is run by F.I.L.S.S.

Armor Churchs.png

When the Reds and Blues arrive here, Epsilon "resurrects" Tex using the equipment. While at the facility, the Reds and Blues discover several armor enhancements and recordings that reveal the Director's origins. They later discover that their conflict is nothing but a simulation to test Freelancers' skills and abilities. They soon leave the facility to go rescue Epsilon and Tex, who left the area before them to go to Sidewinder.

Carolina and Epsilon meet FILSS.png

In Season 10, Carolina and Epsilon return to the facility in order to confront the Director, who was hiding there. When they arrive, they discover hundreds of Tex-drones that soon overwhelm them. When the Reds and Blues arrive to save them, the entire group soon fight the Tex-drones and are able to defeat them. Carolina and Epsilon then finally confront the Director, but soon realize that the past doesn't define you, sparing the Director and leave the facility with the others. After they do so, the Director orders F.I.L.S.S. to shut off all the facility's systems and erase all files, before killing himself.

It is revealed in Season 15 that the Blues and Reds also visited this facility looking for answers after they had suddenly quit receiving orders. Upon discovering the information regarding the UNSC and Project Freelancer, they plotted their revenge on them.


  • The majority of the inside of the facility is represented as the map "Foundry", the outside of the facility is represented as the map "Ghost Town", and the room where the Reds, Blues, and Carolina fight the Tex drones is "Cold Storage". All of these maps reside in the Halo 3 engine.

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