Frank Prologue
Name: Frank
Affiliation(s): Interstellar Daily
Status: Active
First Appearance: Prologue (Season 15)
Armor Color(s): White with Aqua Trim
Occupation(s): Cameraman
Weapon(s): Magnum
Voice Actor(s): Aaron Spivey-Sorrells
"FML. That stands for F-"
—Frank to Dylan before being cut off in Prologue.

Frank was a cameraman for Interstellar Daily who first appears in the Season 15 episode Prologue. Formerly associated with Dylan Andrews, Frank quit after being tired of getting arrested due to Andrews's actions.

Role in PlotEdit

Frank had accompanied Dylan during an investigation on an attack on the UNSC supply depot in the capital, only to be arrested once more due to Dylan's ambitious actions. Tired of getting into trouble because of Dylan, Frank quits his job at Interstellar Daily. Dylan is later told of Frank's departure by her new cameraman Jax Jonez.

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