"Let's just say for instance that one of the robots contains a hidden microphone, that will allow us to eavesdrop on the Blues whenever we want."

Francisco Montegue Zanzibar, also known as "Frankie Zan" by Sarge, was a robot built by Sarge.

Role in Plot

Sarge was commissioned to build him and Robot Number 2 so that Church and Tex could possess them instead of relying on Lopez, who began to resist their attempts. After the brief exchange between Red Army, Blue Army, Lopez and Sheila, and O'Malley, known afterwards as the "Parabola of Mystery", Francisco was possessed by Tex, and thereafter appeared to lose any and all self-sustainability (unlike Lopez and others who had been possessed, he merely lay dormant during the brief times when Tex left the body.)

Frankie Zan has a microphone implanted in him, through which Sarge can listen to what is going on wherever Frankie Zan happens to be. This robot also has less strength than Tex's original body. Her first body had super strength which she used to flip over Sheila in a very early episode, yet her new robot body could not lift Andy later during the attack on O'Malley's base. After O'Malley infected her again in episode 100 and Sister's ship blew up, Frankie Zan was left at Vallhalla's Blue Base where Caboose attempted to make a "Super Best Friend" with the Epsilon Unit, her body, and parts of the ship.


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