"Sarge, you pulled the pin out!"
"Of course I did. Who throws a grenade with the pin still in it?"
Sarge in Relocated: Part Three

The Frag grenade is a type of hand grenade used by several characters in Red vs. Blue.


  • Donut: Donut is often trusted with the Red Team's grenades, including this type, due to his skills using them. He later uses several frag grenades in Fire to kill several Federal Army soldiers. When escaping Armada 8 he throws a grenade at a Zealot, knocking him out. Later on Donut uses several grenades when assaulting Temple's base on Earth.
  • Tucker: Tucker throws a frag at Tex, during the episode Why Were We Here? He also uses one in Season 12 in an attempt to incapacitate Felix, but the latter catches it. However, in Season 13, Tucker successfully tosses one at Felix's feet, which explodes and causes him to fall to his death.
  • Maine: Maine tosses a frag towards Tex in Season 9, which ultimately explodes next to York, injuring his left eye.
  • Washington: Wash tosses a frag grenade at Sharkface during The Sarcophagus, but the grenade was quickly neutralized.
  • Church: Church uses a frag grenade to escape Caboose's mind in Why Were We Here? Later in Reconstruction: Chapter 8, Church tosses a frag at the Meta.
  • Carolina: Carolina throws a frag grenade into a purple plane in The Sarcophagus. In Fall From Heaven, Carolina throws a frag grenade at an Insurrectionist Sniper Team.
  • Sarge: Sarge throws grenades at Grif in Relocated, but all of them fail to reach him.
  • Grif: Grif uses a grenade in Relocated to destroy blockage covering the Reds' long range radios, in order to make them functional.
  • Tank Guy: In Party Crasher, this Freelancer soldier attempted to kill Tex by throwing a frag grenade at her, but she punches it right back at him before it explodes, killing him.
  • Felix: Felix catches Tucker's thrown frag grenade and throws it back at him in Training Daze.

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