"This is a remote research facility designed to study the surrounding wildlife. I volunteered at one just like it at grad school. Its got a laboratory, an incinerator and oodles of state of the art surgical equipment. Would you like to see them?"
Dr. Grey to Zachary Miller in Accentuate the Interrogative

The Forest Base is a remote laboratory designed to study the local wildlife. The lab's equipment include several state-of-the-art surgical devices and an incinerator. The base was used as a secret hideout occupied by Carolina, Epsilon, and later the entire Reds and Blues and first appears in S.O.S.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

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After hearing the Reds and Blues' distress call to Donut, Carolina and Epsilon head back to their secret base. However, they nearly run into Locus, who makes it to the area and intercepts the Blood Gulch Crew's call. After Carolina and Epsilon rescue the team and Dr. Grey from the Space Pirates, they teleport back to the forest, where the two inform them on the mercenaries. After noticing a similarity between the Space Pirates weapons and the teleportation grenades that were on the UNSC Crashed Ship, the Reds and Blues split into teams to search for the ship's manifest for clues about the mercenaries.

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Although the Reds successfully obtain the manifest from Crash Site Bravo, the Blues and Carolina are attacked at Crash Site Alpha and accidentally bring one space pirate with them when they teleport back to the Forest Base. After incapacitating the mercenary, named Zachary Miller, Dr. Grey uses the laboratory's equipment to torture him so Carolina and Wash can interrogate him. After Zach reveals all he knows and the location of one of the Space Pirates' radio jammers, the Forest Base is attacked by the Space Pirates, forcing the Reds and Blues to teleport to the Desert Refueling Station to escape.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The forest base is represented by the Halo 4 map "Abandon".

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