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Federal Army of Chorus
Federal Army - CG Graphic
Name: Federal Army of Chorus
First Appearance: Reconciliation
Leader(s): Donald Doyle
Equipment and Vehicles: Assault Rifle, Magnum, Sniper Rifle, Boltshot, Heavy Machine Gun Turret, Medical Scanner, Active Camouflage, Light Shield, Storm Rifle, Carbine,
Status: Disbanded (Merged with the New Republic)
"These "rebels" aren't looking to free this planet, their aim is to dominate it! They were given ample opportunities to move to a former old society, somewhere else on Chorus; it is a large planet, I can assure you. But nooooo. They are determined to uh, "take back what is theirs!" I'll admit, times were hard, but as a planet cut off from the rest of the galaxy we did our best to govern the people."
—Doyle in The Federal Army of Chorus

The Federal Army of Chorus, also known as simply the "Federal Army", is a faction in Red vs. Blue consisting of Federal soldiers from the planet Chorus. They formerly fought against the New Republic in order to bring back order to Chorus and end the terrorism created by the rebels. According to the New Republic, however, the Feds use tyranny to control the planet's society and fight against them for control over the planet.


Federal Army soldiers - S11

According to Felix, an affiliate of the New Republic, after The Great War between the humans and the aliens came to a close, the outer colony of Chorus was forgotten by the UNSC and left to fend for themselves. After a while, the citizens of the planet attempted to govern themselves, but soon the Federal Army of Chorus was formed, which attempted to take over the entire planet and put everyone under their supervision. Due to their actions, they caused a faction known as the New Republic to form, as they wanted their freedom. As a result, this led to a Civil War between the two groups on Chorus.

General Donald Doyle tells a far different story to Washington, Sarge, and Donut. He claims that the Federal Army was firm but fair in its leadership, and gave the dissatisfied New Republic several opportunities to move away peacefully to another region of the planet, but they refused to listen and quickly began resorting to terrorist tactics. Doyle also claims that the New Republic's ultimate goal is to obtain complete control over Chorus.

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Although having an advantage over the rebels, the Federal Army began to worry when the Reds and Blues are discovered on Chorus. As many thought the group were the greatest military soldiers in the galaxy and could determine the outcome of the war, the Federal Army sent a large military force to capture them. Despite heavy losses and four members escaping, they succeeded in capturing most of the Blood Gulch Crew, four of which join them when the Federal Army explains they aren't an evil tyranny and need their help.

Doyle with Feds

After the Reds and Blues reunite, they decide to get the two forces to form a truce upon learning the similarities between them. Before they could do so, however, the crew discover that both the Federal Army and the New Republic were being manipulated by a band of space pirates throughout the war, led by Locus, Felix, and UNSC Oversight Sub-committee Chairman Malcolm Hargrove. Their goal was to eliminate the Chorusans completely and sell the planet's resources. With the help of the Reds and Blues, the two armies learned of this truth, joined forces and defeated Charon Industries, with General Doyle sacrificing himself during the lengthy battle.

Following Charon's defeat, ties strengthened between the Feds and Rebels, now putting aside their differences, ending their war, and rebuilding their planet for the better.

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  • The Federal Army and Project Freelancer both have ties to the UNSC. The former was deserted by the military group, while the latter was originally created to be a splinter group.
  • The 'Empire' might be a pun of the Galactic Empire, a famous faction in the Star Wars franchise.
    • This is further alluded to by the Federal Army's use of white-armored soldiers, similar to the Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers.
    • Felix also refers to those in the faction as 'Feds', likely referencing another famous faction in Star Wars, the Trade Federation. It's also likely a reference to real-life federal law enforcement in America being labeled Feds.
  • It revealed that the Federal Army has many armor enhancements, as Locus and his second team are all shown to have Cloaking in Ready…Aim… This is fitting since it appears the Federal Army is the dominant faction on Chorus.
  • Most soldiers in the Federal Army wear white armor with sage trim and consists of Prefect helmets and chest plates along with ODST shoulders, legs, and forearms.
    • Additionally, most soldiers are armed with assault rifles, in contrast to the New Republic rebels who seem to use DMRs most of the time. This is may be due to the fact the Feds are the dominant faction and can expend more ammo, unlike the rebels who presumably prefer accuracy due to logistical requirements.
    • All the armor pieces are acquired through the Infinity Armor pack.
  • It's shown that specific members of the Federal Army have different trim and visor colors in order to identify their occupation. They are also armed with differing weapons.
    • Those with sage are common foot soldiers. These soldiers often use an assault rifle, with some using a Sniper Rifle.
    • Those with blue are technician specialists. These soldiers normally appear to use a Boltshot.
    • Those with red are heavy weapon specialists. These soldiers utilize a Heavy Machine Gun Turret.
    • Those with purple are medics or doctors. These soldiers are unarmed but have a Medical Scanner.
    • Those with gold are officers. Doyle, the only one shown, wields only a Pistol. Whether this is standard for officers is unknown.
  • Revealed in The Federal Army of Chorus, the Federal Army has gone through multiple leaders, some who left the planet before the war escalated while most were killed. Doyle is just the most recent to obtain the position, having previously been the Secretary to the previous leader.

Federal Army of Chorus
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