"Church we are going to pick up so many chicks. I mean, I know I said that about the tank. But this, this is a frigging helicopter. You have any idea what the word 'pilot' means to women?"
Tucker about their new vehicle in Where There's a Will, There's a Wall: Episode 1

The Falcon is an aircraft vehicle similar to a helicopter first appearing in the Red vs. Blue PSA Deja View, in which a Falcon drops off Grif in Hemorrhage, the Halo: Reach version of Blood Gulch.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Reds and Blues flying in Falcon.png

The Falcon makes a more prominent appearance in the mini-series, Where There's a Will, There's a Wall, where Phil, the Falcon in the mini-series, is sent to Blood Gulch where the Blues awe in glory, each imagining what they would do with him. Throughout the entire mini-series, Church and Tucker argue over possession of the Falcon, until Simmons steals it from them. Similar to Sheila, Phil runs Simmons through the tutorial program, in which afterward, Simmons crashes Phil, and damages him.

In Oversight, C.T. and the Insurrectionist Leader arrive at the Longshore Shipyards in a Falcon. In Temple of the Key a Falcon is briefly seen next to Sharkface who obviously used it to arrive at the mountain range. In Off - Key, Locus flies a Falcon over to the Eastern Mountain Range in order to pick up Felix and fires the aircraft's turret at the Blood Gulch Crew. This Falcon also appears briefly in Great Destroyers as well when Felix attacks the Reds and Blues in The End is Near. The crew later fly the Falcon after defeating the mercenary towards the Staff of Charon in The End.

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