North's motion tracker
"What I don't get is the motion tracker. No one can get by one of those while they're active."
Washington in Recovery One: Part Two

The Enhanced Motion Tracker is a Freelancer armor enhancement given to Freelancer Agent North Dakota and South Dakota. This enhancement is rarely seen being used, but according to Washington it amplifies the abilities of a standard motion tracker. The Enhanced Motion Tracker outlines the user's enemies and allies in a thermal-like vision fashion and allows them to see through structures and walls. In Season 9, North Dakota used this armor enhancement during a mission at the Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility . When the Meta attacked North and South, he killed North and took this enhancement as well as North's A.I. Theta. In The Twins, South repeatedly refuses to set hers, complaining that "it takes too long", allowing someone to get in and activate the alarms.


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