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"What about that thing? The big freighter? It looks like a mobile base."
Grif in Dumb Cop, Bad Cop

The Elephant is used by the character C.T. and his men during Recreation.

Role in Plot[]

The Elephant is apparently used as a mobile command base and for vehicle storage. It has a very slow top speed, but massive power as it was used by C.T. and his cohorts to ram down the temple door in "The Installation". In Well Hello Grif tries to escape the battle scene in the Elephant.

When the Blood Gulch Crew return to the desert with Carolina, they use the Elephant's computers to access the information on C.T.'s data pad.


  • The Elephant has four levers, unlike the Warthog's six pedals (A continuing joke about how vehicles have more/fewer pedals/levers than how many directions the driver thinks there are). The vehicle is also very slow moving, however Grif believes that it may have been stuck in first gear.

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