Eddy Rivas was a co-writer for Red vs. Blue: Season 10, primarily with the The Project Freelancer Saga back story material. As announced at RTX 2014, Rivas served as a co-author for the RvB expanded universe book, Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide. His first involvement with the series was doing the soldier crowd in Reconstruction: Chapter 1 along with his partners at Smooth Few Films.

He later became one of the main writers on Rooster Teeth's animated show Nomad of Nowhere and contributed voice acting to both Nomad of Nowhere and Camp Camp. He currently co-writes on RWBY.

Recently, Rivas has become more involved with the Red vs. Blue series, with his most recent contributions being writing the two Red vs. Blue/Fortnite cross-promotion PSAs and, as announced on Rooster Teeth’s podcast, Stay Zen[1], he’s been “working with the RvB crew on some things”.

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