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"General Doyle, we've dropped in at your position. Pelicans are looking for a safe LZ. Where are you? Over."
—Carolina when arriving at the Mountain Range
"I'm in a snowy area."
"Gonna have to be a little more specific, sir."
—Carolina in Temple of the Key

The Eastern Mountain Range is a snowy mountainous area on Chorus and holds the location of the Temple of the Key. The location first appears in the episode Temple of the Key.

Role in Plot[]

After Santa informs Carolina, Emily Grey, and the Blue Team about the key of Chorus, he explains that its location is in the east mountains. However, after Sharkface and his space pirates eavesdrop on their conversation, they ambush the group and Sharkface leaves to the east mountains to get the key. He is joined by Felix and the two venture to the eastern mountain range, only to find out that Doyle has already obtained the key, after he was dropped off by Lopez and Donut. When the away team manage to catch up with the pirates, Carolina chases after Sharkface and the two engage in an intense battle.

Carolina vs Sharkface slow-mo.png

Eventually, Carolina ends up falling off a cliff, while Grey and the Blues find Doc in a cave, who ended up there after being released from another dimension. Because his friends never looked for him, Doc redevelops his "O'Malley" personality. After "rescuing" Doc, the Blues join Donut and Lopez in searching for Doyle, but Felix finds the general first at a cliff and successfully takes the Great Key from him. Despite the Blood Gulch Crew's attempt to stop him, Felix escapes with Locus on a Falcon. Afterwards, the group reunites with Doc, Grey, Epsilon, and Carolina before heading back to Armonia.


  • The area surrounding the Temple of the Key is represented by the Halo 4 map, "Meltdown".

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