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"Earth, motherfuckers!"
Tucker in Desolation

Earth is the home planet of the Reds and Blues, the location of UNSC headquarters, and an important location throughout the series. It's first major role was in Season 13 as the location the Reds and Blues were trying to contact for help against Charon Industries. It made a full appearance as the main setting of the latter episodes of Season 15 and The Shisno Paradox.

Project Freelancer designated its agents with codenames from the 50 states of the United States of America located on Earth.

Role in Plot[]



The Reds and Blues travel to many locations throughout Earth's history by using Time-Portal Guns supplied by Chrovos in her attempt to free herself by weakening her prison by damaging time. Tucker and Sister visit Medieval England where the former is appointed King due to his sword being mistaken for Excalibur. Grif and Doc visit Ancient Italy during the same time period in an attempt to restore pizza to the timeline. After being betrayed by O'Mally, Grif walks along the English Channel to reunite with Tucker and his Sister in England.

Project Freelancer[]

In 2548, Freelancer Agents North Dakota and South Dakota were deployed to a Cryogenics Research Facility in the Arctic Ocean. After their cover was blown, Agent Carolina assisted in the extraction whilst Agent Texas destroyed the facility. The Freelancers were chased from the facility by the Insurrection before getting to the safety of the Mother of Invention which was flying above the ocean.

Caboose and Lopez also travelled to this location during the early stages of the infiltration by travelling back in time using a Time Portal Gun.

One year before the events of Season 1, the state of Florida sinks into the ocean for an unknown reason.

Message from Chorus[]

UNSC Headquarters

The forgotten planet of Chorus was able to transmit a distress call to Earth with the help of the Reds and Blues in order to stop Malcolm Hargrove's assault on the small colony. Every device on Earth received the message including the UNSC Headquarters and they dispatched ships to Chorus.

Months later, the UNSC issued a planet wide blockade around Chorus as the planet wished to maintain its independence. Thanks to the efforts of the reporter Dylan Andrews, the peace talks were able to continue.

Assault on the UNSC[]

Years after the events of Project Freelancer, the Blues and Reds began to orchestrate a plot to take down the UNSC after what they had done to the simulation troopers. This led to several attacks against various UNSC outposts and buildings. One of these attacks was a supply depot located in a large structure on Earth. Due to the shared armor colourations to the Reds and Blues, it is assumed they are the ones committing the crimes by the Blues and Reds.

Power Facility

Once the Blues and Reds return to their base of operations and meet the Reds and Blues, they begin to put their plan into action to head to Earth in order to destroy the new UNSC Headquarters. Dylan Andrews from Interstellar Daily was able to decipher their plans with the help of her AI V.I.C, allowing the Reds and Blues follow in pursuit to stop them; Tucker proclaims that they are "going home," in reference to Earth.

Dylan Andrews flies them to an isolated island in the Indian Ocean which the Blues and Reds have taken over for their plans, directly opposite the UNSC headquarters in the United States. After their ship is shot down, they fight their way across the island and into the island's volcanic power plant, killing many simulation troopers and defeating the members of the Blues and Reds before reaching Loco’s machine in the centre of the facility. After the machine is activated and disabled by V.I.C., and Temple finally defeated, the Reds and Blues convene on the beach and discuss their plans to get lunch on Earth.

The Pizza Quest[]


Huggins and Muggins came to Earth, under the instruction of the Cosmic Powers, to spy on the Reds and Blues from a nearby Warthog shortly after their defeat of Temple. Muggins leaves the planet to warn the Cosmic Powers of the events set in motion, whilst Huggins follows the Reds and Blues to a small mountain town home to Sammie Raphaello's Pizza.


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