Earth S15.png
Name: Earth
First Appearance: Don't Say It (projection)
Inhabitants: UNSC
Blues and Reds
Reds and Blues
Status: Active
"Earth, motherfuckers!"
Tucker in Desolation

Earth is the home planet of the Reds and Blues, the location of UNSC headquarters, and an important location throughout the series, despite it actually appearing very minimally. It first plays a significant role in the latter episodes of Season 15.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

One year before the events of Season 1, the state of Florida sinks into the ocean for an unknown reason.

Years later, the Blues and Reds began to orchestrate a plot to take down the UNSC after what they had done to the simulation troopers of Project Freelancer. Because of their similarities to the Reds and Blues, the latter are accused of the crimes committed by the Blues and Reds. Once the Blues and Reds begin to put their plan into action and head to Earth, the Reds and Blues follow in pursuit to stop them; Tucker proclaims that they are "going home," in reference to Earth.

Dylan Andrews flies the Reds and Blues to an isolated island in the Indian Ocean which the Blues and Reds have taken over for their plans, directly opposite the UNSC headquarters in the United States. After their ship is shot down, they fight their way across the island and into the island's volcanic power plant, killing many simulation troopers and defeating the members of the Blues and Reds before reaching Loco’s machine in the centre of the facility. After the machine is activated and disabled by V.I.C., and Temple finally defeated, the Reds and Blues convene on the beach and discuss their plans to get lunch on Earth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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