Dropship Pilot
Dropship Pilot
Name: Dropship Pilot
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Worst Laid Plans
Armor Color(s): Silver with White trim
Weapon(s): Plasma Pistol
Voice Actor(s): Unknown
"Hey, uh, I'm not really from around here but, uh, do you know about that crashed spaceship?"
—The Dropship Pilot in Worst Laid Plans

The Dropship Pilot dropped off Donut, Doc, and Lopez in the middle of a jungle to assist the Reds and the Blues after their spaceship crashed. He was soon killed, however, by Locus.

Role in PlotEdit

After delivering Donut, Doc, and Lopez in the jungle to help the stranded Reds and Blues, the pilot flew to a Desert Refueling Station to refuel his ship. There, he asked the gas owner if he knew anything about a crashed ship at the jungle. After the man suggests that the pilot report it, the pilot asks for the phone. The man directs him to it, and the pilot walks in the said direction. However, Locus, being revealed as the man of the refueling station, shoots the pilot in the back with a Shotgun and finishes him off with his Magnum, killing him. His corpse was later found by Grif in a toilet at the station in Self Assessment.


  • The pilot's armor consists of a Defender helmet, Air Assault shoulders, a Warrior torso, Recruit arms, Mark VI legs and a Legendary visor.
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