Felix with DMR
"Missed... Missed... Missed."
Palomo while Bitters fires his DMR
"Palomo, I know when I miss!"
Bitters in Thin Ice

The Designated Marksman Rifle, more commonly known as the DMR, is the primary weapon of most Red vs. Blue characters within the Halo: Reach engine, with the exception of Epsilon, Sarge and Caboose. It made its first appearance in n+1.


During the events taking place inside the Epsilon Unit in Season 9, the DMR is used by most of the Epsilon-Doubles, and is also used by the Blue Grunt Leader and Tucker's Informant Guy in MIA. It is likely that the DMR was used as the primary weapon of most characters within the Halo: Reach engine due to the absence of the Battle Rifle from the game. In Season 11, the DMR seems to be the primary weapon of Tucker, Felix and those of the New Republic while most of the other characters use the Battle Rifle or the Assault rifle, the latter more specifically for those in the Federal Army of Chorus.


  • Originally, Season 11 director Miles Luna wanted the weapon to be used by Blue Team personnel to mirror the Reds' use of the Battle Rifle. However, Luna felt that Caboose and Washington needed their signature weapons thus leaving Tucker the only simulation trooper with the rifle, a decision he later regretted.

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