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"This place looks deserted."
"Whoo hoo! Let's loot! I've always wanted my own Slurpee machine."
Grif in Self Assessment

The Desert Refueling Station is a fuel station that's supposedly near the Crash Site Bravo and first appeared in Worst Laid Plans

Role in Plot[]

Locus kills Pilot.png

At this station, the pilot who dropped off Donut, Doc, and Lopez in the jungle arrived here to refuel his ship and to inform the authorities of a UNSC Crashed Ship. However, before he could call them, Locus, who was the station clerk, kills the pilot. Locus then left the fueling station to go back to "Crash Site Bravo". Afterwards, Tucker, Caboose, Grif, and Simmons arrive at the fueling station after departing from the New Republic Headquarters.

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While there, the four wander aimlessly and discover both the Dropship Pilot and four steel armored soldiers. Learning that the four have communicated with Locus, the Reds and Blues leave for a Federal Army compound after the "soldiers" disappear. Later on, Washington teleports the Blood Gulch Crew and Dr. Grey here after being attacked by Space Pirates at the Forest Base, where he reveals to them that Freckles' storage unit is a tracking device.

After Epsilon removes the tracking unit from Freckles' storage unit, Tucker and Epsilon apologizes for their animosity to each other, restoring their relationship. Felix and Locus soon contact the Reds and Blues, where the two offer the group a first-class trip off Chorus. However, the Blood Gulch Crew refuse and leave the fueling station to attack one of the Space Pirates' radio jammers.


  • The fueling station is represented by the Halo 4 multiplayer map, "Outcast".
  • It's unknown if the fueling station has any actual employees, as none were shown. Instead, it seems that Locus uses the station as a scouting post.
  • In Worst Laid Plans, a corpse is seen at 7:13; implying that this person was the true clerk of the station and was killed by Locus. 

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