"They were like, these criminals that helped track down that evil dude with the secret organization...And they fought robots and evil A.I.s and bounty hunters, and there was that one big guy who was like RAAAAA and they threw him off a cliff and one of them died a bunch, and another guy that was bad, then good and oh, there were ghosts! But..uh..after all that they were like, pardoned and stuff."
—Dennis describing the Reds and Blues to Jerry in the Season 11 Teaser Trailer

Dennis is a UNSC Marine along with his friend, Jerry.

Role in PlotEdit

At some point, he and Jerry were ordered to ensure that a group of simulation troopers would be transported home on a large ship, which was supposed to stop by their location for refueling. When Jerry forgets what they were supposed to do, Dennis explains the history of the Reds and Blues (poorly), but this only angers Jerry, who threatens Dennis into explaining how it relates to their own situation. However, the ship doesn't arrive as scheduled and both realize the magnitude of the situation on their hands.


  • Dennis is voiced by Ian Hecox of Smosh, who has previously voiced minor characters in Season 9 and Season 10.

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