"Are you sweet on it? One of those guys that gets off to computers?"
—Delaney to Leonard during basic.

Private Delaney was a UNSC rookie featured in the Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide story "Leonard + Allison". While he is a very minor character, ultimately, he might just be the most important character in the Red vs. Blue storyline due to the fact he unintentionally introduces Leonard and Allison Church to each other.

Role in PlotEdit

Delaney was a private in "Basic", UNSC training, during the Great War. One day during training, he was too brutish and unintelligent to operate a simple computer terminal and began wailing on it like a child. One of the other privates, Leonard Church, helps him and very easily activates it by treating it correctly, making Delaney assume he's "one of those guys who gets off to computers". Offended, Leonard insults Delaney's intelligence, which is immediately met with a brutal beatdown. However, another one of the rookies, Allison, defends Leonard and very easily beats Delaney to a pulp, finishing it off with a brutal kick to the groin and a blow straight to the face. The crowd of on-looking rookies cheer on Allison, and this incident is single-handedly what gets Leonard infatuated with his soon-to-be wife.


Delaney is clearly extremely unintelligent and barbaric, not too different from a stereotypical bully, as his go-to solution for all problems is to beat them senseless, whether it be defenseless recruits or computer terminals. While he acted like a textbook "meathead", Leonard describes him as "thin, wiry, twitchy", and "a puppy with sharp teeth".

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