"Could you please stop referring to the robot as a woman? It's really weird."
—Grif to Sarge about Cyclops
"Not as weird as the throbbin' erection she's givin' me."
Sarge in Finders Keepers

Cyclops, or C.C., is a large Cyclops Mark II-class military assault droid that was located inside the UNSC Crashed Ship.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

In Finders Keepers, Sarge, Grif, and Doc venture inside the crashed ship in search for something that can destroy Freckles, the Blue Team's Mantis. During their search, they discover a large robot, dismantle it, and take it back to Red base. However, Grif loses various parts of the robot on their way back, forcing Sarge to use the parts he has to reconstruct the robot. When activated, Cyclops states her name and threatens the Reds, before deactivating in Neighborhood Watch. However, Donut becomes uneasy when Cyclops detected 16 hostiles, even though there are only 11 members in the canyon.

Soon afterward, Lopez 2.0 and Lopez are sent to repair C.C., where Lopez gets the idea that he and Lopez 2.0 take control of her in order to get revenge on the Reds and Blues. However, Lopez 2.0 betrays Lopez and takes control of C.C. himself. As a result, Lopez 2.0 uses C.C. to attack the Reds and Blues, until Freckles intervenes and protects them. Lopez 2.0 and C.C. are soon destroyed by Donut shortly afterward.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While in the ship, the Cyclops Mark II from the Halo 4 map Adrift is the model used during her first appearance. After Sarge rebuilds her, however, she is only Mantis-sized and is portrayed as a Mantis, due to Grif dropping many of her parts.
  • Sarge converted Cyclops to diesel; this was portrayed by using a Mantis that has been almost destroyed.
  • Cyclops was nicknamed "C.C." because she stuttered (due to low fuel) while stating her name for the first time.
  • Cyclops is equipped with motion sensors powerful enough to scan the entire canyon, evidenced by how she scanned both the Reds and the Blues, along with Locus and his men.
  • Coincidentally, Katie Newville provides the voice for Cyclops and her ex-husband, Shane Newville, provides the voice for Freckles, who also is a large military assault droid that was located inside the Hand of Merope.

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