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Hologram Chamber
Name: Hologram Chamber
First Appearance: Relocated: Part Three
Inhabitants: Blood Gulch Crew, Holo-Grif
Status: Occupied
"Let me get this straight, you built an enormous room capable of creating realistic holographic simulations, but you couldn't figure out how to walk across the canyon and capture our flag."
Tucker in Change of Plans

The Red Team's Hologram Chamber, also known as the Cuarto Mucho Secreto Holográfico, was constructed by Lopez for the Reds. It's underneath Outpost 17-B and was made to test the team's equipment.

Role in Plot[]


The chamber first appeared in Relocated: Part Three, where Sarge had Lopez build the chamber for the purpose of testing a new version of the Warthog. The chamber proves quite beneficial at first, allowing the Red Team to test their weapons, such as the EMP cannon, and allow Sarge to relief his stress by constantly "killing" Holo-Grif, an A.I. inside the chamber's programming. The Holo-Chamber can also make other objects, as stated by Lopez in Relocated: Part Four.

In Free Refills, Simmons uses the chamber to speak to a Holo-Sarge and try to improve the EMP warthog, but the real Sarge orders him to stop. After Caboose sneaks into the Red base, he uses the Holo-Chamber to activate the Epsilon unit, which allows Epsilon-Delta to communicate with him in One New Message. In Change of PlansCarolina and Epsilon use the chamber to show the Reds and Blues images of the Director's secret locations and to explain their plan. However, the group soon have a tense argument, which ends with Epsilon stating the two teams are nothing but problems, nearly destroying the group's relationship as they leave.

During The Shisno Paradox, it is revealed that Valhalla was, at some point after the Reds and Blues left, turned into condos. Therefore, the status of the Hologram Chamber is unknown.


  • The Hologram Chamber is represented by the Halo 3 map "Sandbox".
  • Holo-Grif is currently the sole occupant of the Holo-Chamber, as it's in the chamber's programming.

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