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"Alpha's another story. We've acquired its coordinates for teleportation, but never actually investigated the area. From what we've gathered it's a massive hotspot for pirate activity."
Carolina in Crash Site Crashers

Crash Site Alpha is a wasteland area of Chorus. The crash site is the location of where the other half of the UNSC Crashed Ship landed, as well as where a large alien ship seemingly crashed. Crash Site Alpha first appears in the episode Crash Site Crashers.

Role in Plot[]

The tractor beam, activated by the Space Pirates.

When the UNSC ship carrying the Blood Gulch Crew split into two during its crash landing on Chorus, the half of the ship that the Reds and Blues weren't on crashed at this location. Many weeks later, the Blues and Carolina search the crash site for the ship's manifest, discovering a giant laser cannon and a crashed alien spacecraft. However, when the group attempt to transfer the manifest into a flash drive, they are found by the Space Pirates. As the mercenaries approach, the group flee after Tucker removes the drive before the download is complete, using a Teleportation Grenade to go back to the Forest Base, unknowingly bringing one of the mercenaries with them.

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The "giant tower" is then revealed by Space Pirate Zachary Miller to be a tractor beam, one of the only alien relics the Pirates managed to activate. Since its activation, the Pirates pulled ships down, killed everyone on board and sold the supplies to the Federal Army and the New Republic. Miller also reveals that the same would've happened to the Blood Gulch Crew's ship, but due to several incidents caused by the Reds and Blues on board, the ship, instead of being pulled down, was torn in half.

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Sometime after recruiting several prisoners to help them in their fight against the combined forces of the Blood Gulch Crew, New Republic, and Federal Army of Chorus, Locus and Felix return with their new men to Crash Site Alpha, upon which their weaponry explodes after Tucker activates an alien tower with his sword. A map then suddenly appears inside the tractor beam tower where Locus and Felix are located, much to their surprise.

In You Better Watch Out it is revealed by Santa that the tractor beams are a system of temples meant to create a defensive barrier around Chorus by manipulating the planet's gravity field. The Space Pirates meddled with the temple and partially activated it, giving them "moderate control" over the gravitational field.


  • The location is represented by the Halo 4 map, "Wreckage."
  • The interior of the tractor beam towers is portrayed by the map "Meltdown".
  • Crash Site Alpha is implied to have other crash landings occur there before the UNSC ship arrived at Chorus, as an alien ship is found by the Blues at the location.
  • The Blues searching at Crash Site Alpha is a possible reference to their first base, Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha.

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