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"Communication. Activating this temple will allow you to send a message to virtually any communication device in the galaxy."
Santa in You Better Watch Out

The Communication Temple is a large alien temple that, according to Santa, holds the ability to send messages to any communication device in the galaxy. This action can only be activated by the bearer of the Great Key. The Comm. temple was first mentioned by the alien A.I. Santa in You Better Watch Out and later makes an on screen appearance in Great Destroyers.

Role in Plot[]

The control room.

When Tucker, Caboose, Dr. Grey, Carolina, and Epsilon meet Santa, the A.I. informs them of the Communication Temple, it's location, and it's abilities. After hearing this, the Blood Gulch Crew and Chorus armies make it their goal to activate the temple and complete their mission of sending a message to Earth revealing the actions of the Chairman and Charon Industries. When the space pirates go to guard the temple, the Chorus armies, and Blood Gulch Crew confront and battle them in order to gain entrance.

The crew eventually make it to the temple's control and have a final confrontation with Felix and Locus, where the latter betrays Felix and helps the Reds and Blues kill him and activate the temple. After Locus disappears, Santa allows the crew to relay their message across the galaxy.


  • The exterior of the temple is represented by the Halo 4 map, "Vortex", while the interior of the temple is represented by the map "Haven".

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