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The Rooster Teeth logo is an example of "cockbite".

Cockbite is an insult used as the basis for the company name 'Rooster Teeth,' the title being a euphemism of cockbite (the rooster being the 'cock' and the teeth being the 'bite'). It is used numerous times as an insult between soldiers, mostly in the first couple of seasons.


  • "Oh, you backstabbing cockbite." - Simmons to Grif in Season 1.
  • "Oh, great. You broke my voice filter. You cock biting fucktards." - Tex to the Reds when captured in Season 1.
  • "Buenos dias, cockbite." - Tex possessing Lopez in Season 2.
  • In Episode 28.5 Simmons grave reads "He still owes me 20 bucks and it's not like I'll forget, what a cockbite"
  • "Enjoy the show. Cockbite." The start menu on the Season 2 DVD insulting the viewer.
  • Also in Season 5, Simmons, while possessed by O'Malley, calls Sarge a cockbite.
  • Before the Season 5 DVD menu is displayed, a group of warnings is shown under the label "DVD may contain". One of these stated "Cockbites".
  • "Why you green little cockbite." - York to Delta in Season 10
  • In the PSA The No. 1 Movie in the Galaxy the rating for the trailer is shown to be R for "language, violence, violent language, and the phrase cockbite."