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"My Red-hearted mama always told me not to trust a dirty Blue and I'm sure not gonna start now!"
—Cobb in Grey vs. Gray

Cobb was a soldier of a Red Army squadron, first appearing in Grey vs. Gray. He is voiced by Arin Hanson.

Role in Plot[]

Cobb, along with six other soldiers, was locked in a room with the doors only opening if the seven troopers in the room could reach an agreement. After a murder-mystery surrounding the mysterious death of Hutch is, presumably, solved, the Reds and Blues slaughter each other.


He, like Sarge and the group of Simulation Troopers seen in Fifty Shades of Red, has a thick Southern accent and is extremely zealous about warfare and his hatred for Blues.


  • Cobb has achromatopsia (the inability to see color), coincidentally, just like the other Reds and Blues who appear in Grey vs. Gray.
  • His reference to Blood Gulch indicates he is aware of its existence.
  • He apparently has a habit of spitting in his helmet, which is a reference to Roomier Than it Looks, where a Church possessed Sarge did the same thing.

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