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"Sir, yes sir!"
—Buckshot in Fifty Shades of Red

Corporal Clint Buckshot was one of the many Southern-accented Red Team soldiers selected to participate in a competition that would decide who would lead the Red Team at Blood Gulch.

Role in Plot[]

Buckshot is first seen lined up along with several other Red soldiers, including Sarge, because he exhibits the specific traits that Command is looking for in commanding officers, and will be taking part in a competition to determine who will be said commanding officer.

Buckshot defusing IED.png

The first task given to the contestants was to defuse an IED attached to the bottom of a Warthog using communication, where one person would defuse the bomb while another was to read the instructions to them from a safe distance.

For this, Buckshot was tasked with defusing while Sarge volunteered to guide him through it. However, the IED's timer eventually reached zero due to Sarge's antics, leaving Buckshot to die in the resulting explosion.

To ensure that he was the last one alive, Sarge shot Buckshot's corpse at the end of the competition.


  • It is likely that he along with the rest of the prospective candidates were chosen due to the blatant similarities to the psychological profile of Surge from Desert Gulch due to the Director's need to hide the Alpha A.I. in a scenario designed to imitate the Blues' and Reds' perfect stalemate.

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