110 story building
Name: Cities
First Appearance: Out of Mind: Part III
Inhabitants: Varies
Status: Occupied
"Did I ever tell you about how we met? See, I was out one night with my buddies...they abandoned me at some ridiculous nightclub, I think it was called..."
York to Delta in his journal
Carolina and York together in Out of Mind

There are several Cities that appear throughout Red vs. Blue, many of which hold the location of significant events. Currently, there are seven cities shown and mentioned in the series.

Role in PlotEdit

City Out of Mind

The first city appeared in Out of Mind: Part III, where Tex finds York and Delta after the events of Project Freelancer. She recruited the two for assistance in her hunt for Omega. Another city appeared in Recovery One: Part Three after Washington had South join him and Delta to face the Meta. However, the Meta caught them off guard when he attacked them at this location.  

Reds and blues make it to the city

The next city made an appearance in Season 9, during the Freelancers' mission to obtain the Sarcophagus. There, they infiltrate a 110-story Insurrection building and proceed to demolish it after completing their objective. Afterwards, Carolina, Maine, and York venture into the city's streets to obtain their second objective: a briefcase, while battling Insurrectionists along the way.

Carolina going to meet York - S10

Club Errera

In MIA, Epsilon and the Epsilon-Doubles of the Blood Gulch soldiers went to a city in hopes to obtain help to find Grif. In his journal entry during Out of Mind, York also mentions Club Errera, a night club located in a city where he first time met Carolina. The night club only appeared in a deleted scene of Season 10, showing Carolina arriving at the club in casual clothes. In Season 12, two additional cites appear: Armonia and a city in the Vegas quadrant.

Gettingaway 00007

The Vegas quadrant

Armonia is the capital city of the planet Chorus, which is undergoing a Civil War between the New Republic and Federal Army of Chorus, with the latter occupying it as their base of operations. The Vegas quadrant was first mentioned in The Rookies, where Grif states he intended for Simmons and himself to go their prior to the start of the series. Although it hasn't appeared in official canon material, a city in the Vegas quadrant appears in the Getting Away From it All PSA, where Simmons and Grif go their for their vacation.


  • The first city is represented by the map Turf in the Halo 2 engine. The second city is represented by the map Headlong, also in the Halo 2 engine. The fourth city is represented by the map "Breakneck" in the Halo: Reach engine. The Vegas quadrant city is represented by the map "Skyline" in the Halo 4 engine.
  • The cities shown during Season 9 utilize the cities shown in Halo 3: ODST's campaign.
  • Club Errera appears in Halo: Reach and is located in the city of New Alexandria on the planet Reach. However, it's unknown if it's in the same location in the Red vs. Blue universe.
  • In Match Breaking, the same map used to represent the Vegas quadrant city is used to represent a club where Simmons and Tucker go on dates. However, it's unknown if the club is considered the same location as the city from Getting Away From it All.

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