Chorus Residential City
Chorus Residential City
Name: Chorus Residential City
First Appearance: Chorus Lessons
Inhabitants: Several Chorusans
Status: Occupied

The Chorus Residential City is a city on Chorus where civilians live after the events of the Civil War on Chorus. This is where Washington and Carolina live during Wash's recovery from his injury. It appears throughout The Shisno Paradox.

Role in PlotEdit

In Chorus Lessons, Jax Jonez is shot by his partner, Dylan Andrews here, using this as an excuse to get him admitted to the General Doyle General Hospital so she can talk to Emily Grey. Smith, Palomo, Jensen and Bitters (who now serve as Chorus Police) arrive on the scene and question Dylan about the incident, to which she lies and says he wandered off and got shot by an unknown assailant, much to their suspicion. Jax is then taken to the Hospital, while Dylan follows.

After Washington's injury, he is taken to Chorus where he is admitted to Hospital. Once he is in a physically healthy state, Washington lives in this city as he recovers mentally. When Carolina later arrives to help him recover, she resides in a Hotel in this city. One year later, Carolina learns the Reds and Blues are in trouble and leaves Chorus, hesitantly taking Washington with her.

Washington is later seen returning to the residential city after learning of his mental disability and being forced to leave the group due to his mental state.



  • The location is represented by the Halo 5 map "Plaza".

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